Get A Head Start On Spring Trends

The first trend to speak about involves color! We love color, especially for Spring flings with makeup. Use a color shadow or liner to sweep under the lower lash line for a bold yet sweet statement. It can be blue, purple, green or whatever you are feeling that day. Read more

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Glue Stations And An Eyelash Confession

Jade Stone Palette

The jade stone is great for keeping the glue cool and most importantly, it comes in a dome shape. This setup is highly recommended for beginners as it allows skills to be refined, ideal for perfecting glue distribution also for an artist working on volume eyelash skills. Even if you’re Read more

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Rainbow Ombre

Ombre is a method of ornamenting nails that has been popular for a few years. No wonder – it is spectacular, easy to do and has a lot of potential with different colour combinations. There are many ways to create an ombre effect. We can make it vertical or horizontal, we can also create very popular lately babyboomer ( an ombre french), and put different ornaments Read more

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