Silk Eyelash Extensions
Fancy lash silk eyelash extensions can make a huge difference and will fall out naturally after about three to six weeks of wear.

Silk eyelash extensions are extremely popular with all of our clients as they are a comfortable lash extension that is barely noticeable to wear due to the fine, flexible nature of the lash.

Made from PBT material with a tapered design, these pliable lashes will give you a natural look that will boost the beauty of your features and impress those who look your way.

If you are looking for a softer and more permeable lash, these long-lasting and lengthy silk lashes look natural and glamorous.

If you have delicate lashes, this is the perfect option for you! They will sit comfortably amongst your actual lashes and are available in a range of different styles and lengths.

Perfect for brides who want to look stunning on their big day, our silk lashes can do it all.

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of silk eyelash extensions from Fancy Lash?

Our regular customers know that the lash extensions specialists at Fancy Lash can help them do away with mascara for good. Our silk eyelash extensions save you a significant amount of preparation time not only in regards to extra makeup but also in curling your lashes!

How long will my extensions last?

The silk eyelash extension range will sit comfortably for three to six weeks, then fall out naturally meaning you’ll only need a quick and cost-efficient touch-up appointment to maintain your amazing new look constantly!

Why is Fancy Lash a good option for my extensions?

Our lash technicians are trained in a range of styles and can help you find the best look for your features. Lash extensions help to emphasise the natural beauty of your eyes, and with Fancy Lash on the job, you’ll have a well-suited look to your unique aesthetic every time. If not silk lashes, many of our other products are always available to make finding the perfect one for you easy.

Silk Eyelash Extensions
Silk eyelash extensions will boost the natural beauty of your eyes, impressing family and friends with a beautiful aesthetic.

Silk Eyelash Extensions
Book an appointment and we’ll see you at our stylish boutique studio for your fresh new look.

Do you have a new client offer?

For new clients, we offer a $79 deal for our silk eyelash extensions as a welcoming gift, so ask our team about it today!

Are lash extensions safe?

We offer affordable pricing and a pain-free application process so enquire today about our wide range which includes Russian Volume eyelash extensions for a bolder look. We always ensure the highest levels of attention to health and safety standards and have a fully-insured salon as our client’s well being is of the utmost importance.

How do I know which lashes are right for me?

Speak to the skilled team at Fancy Lash today, we are on-hand to chat about your new look, be it via silk eyelash extensions or a different variety. We offer Express Classic Lash Extensions, Natural Classic Lash Extensions, Glamourous Hybrid Lash Extensions and our very popular Diva Volume Lash Extensions. Enhance the beauty of your eyes today with a cat eye, natural eye, open eye or squirrel look and gain a youthful look that will impress!

We know that once you see how much time our extensions can save you while you are getting ready, you’ll want them as a constant staple of your look. Come and see us about your new aesthetic soon!

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