Get A Head Start On Spring Trends

The first trend to speak about involves color! We love color, especially for Spring flings with makeup. Use a color shadow or liner to sweep under the lower lash line for a bold yet sweet statement. It can be blue, purple, green or whatever you are feeling that day. Read more

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The Importance of Emotional Support for Lash Startups

Just recently I was asked for some business advice. I was all ready to go over numbers, spreadsheets, the cost of doing business, supplies, insurance etc. What I missed was what the request was really for.What I heard with my ears was a request for help on business procedures. After scheduling a meeting to coach a startup lash artist, I prepared all my usual

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The Wedding Manicure

There is a moment in women’s life when choosing the right manicure is crucial. We are obviously talking about the wedding day! Bridal manicure should be toned down not to overshadow the dress, makeup, engagement ring, jewellery and accessories – it should Read more

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